Sweet and Sour Widow


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Sweet and Sour Widow Strain for Sale

A strain for all occasions, Sweet and Sour Widow comes to us from CBD Crew out of Barcelona. Their intention was to essentially produce a CBD enhanced version of White Widow and did so by crossing that plant with another unknown strain. The result is a 1:1 variety that is great for recreational and medical users alike.

Perfect for beginners and great for experienced users who want to take the edge off, Sweet and Sour Widow clocks in right around 8% THC with a matching level of CBD. Nugs take on their name in terms of flavor and smell, as sweet onion, wet earth, and a woodiness contribute to this complex strain’s characteristics. You’ll generally find flowers to be fluffy and round with bright orange hairs and lovely sparkling trichomes.

Think of this strain as a hand-held experience that guides you through the ultimate in relaxation and euphoria. Both body and mind will be soothed after a few tokes, yet you’ll remain functional enough to make it through the rest of your day. Many note that Sweet and Sour Widow ends up having an aphrodisiac effect that makes it a great companion in the later part of the day, so be sure to share this with a loved one.

As if you hadn’t already guessed, the CBD levels of this strain make her a prime choice for easing a range of medical issues. From stress and depression to chronic pain or occasional issues, Sweet and Sour Widow is your gal. Depending on the time of day you indulge and your particular tolerances, this bud may also help with fatigue or battle insomnia, so make sure to test your own personal reaction first before making any major plans.

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1/4 Oz (7g), 1/8th (3.5g), Full Oz (28g)

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