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Remedy Cannabis Strain for Sale

Remedy is marked by small to medium-sized flowers that adhere in pronounced spadelike shape, tapering down from a broad broad base into a pointed tip. These buds have the dense, tightly-packed structure usually associated with high-THC indica strains. The curling leaves are a bright shade of spring green and are twisted through with vibrant yellow pistils. A coating of translucent amber trichomes cover the inner and outer surfaces of these leaves, giving them a slightly yellow sheen.

When properly cured, Remedy gives off a woody, natural scent that may remind some of a seasonal bonfire. These buds also have an earthy odor similar to musk or damp soil. Grinding the flowers up or breaking them apart yields notes of pine. Despite such a rich, heavy aroma, Remedy burns with a smooth and easily palatable smoke. This smoke has an earthy flavor on the exhale, enhanced by a hint of lemon.

Remedy’s effects set in slowly and, because they are physically therapeutic, may be difficult for a frequent smoker of more psychoactive, recreational strains to appreciate. Within several minutes, the user feels blanketed by relaxation. Along with a capacity for deep, restorative breathing, Remedy brings a dulling effect to any stress, whether physical or mental. This sedation is blessedly free of the fast-paced mindrace or the disorienting depersonalization that can come with high THC strains. If it has any recreational utility, Remedy is good for some solo unwinding in the most comfortable possible surroundings after a long day or week of work.

Remedy is a great example of what advanced cannabis breeding can offer to the field of medicine. Hopefully, the gradual spread of cannabis legalization will create further opportunities for similarly therapeutic high-CBD strains.

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1/4 Oz (7g), 1/8th (3.5g), Full Oz (28g)

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